Meet Kyle Peavler: A Champion of Learning & Development with a Winning Teamwork Approach

Kyle Peavler

Kyle Peavler, with over 25 years of experience in learning and development, serves as the Executive Vice President at Training Works. Kyle’s innovative learning strategies have enabled numerous organizations to achieve their goals. His passion lies in coaching, and he possesses a talent for resource organization and workshop facilitation.

Before entering the field of learning and development, Kyle garnered Player of the Game and Player of the Year awards during his college football career at West Point and Arizona State. He attributes the lessons in teamwork, leadership, and perseverance he learned during his college athlete days to his successful application of these principles throughout his career.

Leadership Development, Training & Consulting Solutions

Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching Services

At Training Works, coaching isn’t just a service; it’s a catalyst for success. Whether it’s executive coaching to refine leadership skills, team coaching to foster collaboration and productivity, or individual coaching to develop specific competencies, their comprehensive approach addresses a spectrum of organizational challenges.

With a focus on building lasting, positive change, Training Works is committed to guiding individuals and organizations toward greater success, effectiveness, and fulfillment through the power of coaching.

New Employee Onboarding Services

New Employee Onboarding Services

Training Works excels in providing top-notch onboarding services for new employees, ensuring a seamless transition into the organization. We provide a structured orientation program that covers essential information about the organization, team dynamics, and expectations.

Throughout the onboarding journey, our team offers continuous support, training, and mentorship to help new hires quickly integrate into their roles and become valuable contributors to the team.

Leadership & Development Management

Leadership Development Services

Training Works’ Leadership & Management Development services are a beacon of excellence in the world of leadership training. With decades of experience and a sterling reputation, Kyle Peavler and his team offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to cultivate exceptional leaders and managers.

Our programs encompass a wide range of essential skills, from effective communication and conflict resolution to strategic decision-making and team empowerment.

Sales Leadership Development Program

Sales Program Development Program

With a proven track record spanning decades, Kyle Peavler and his team specialize in crafting tailored, results-driven sales programs that empower organizations to excel in today’s competitive marketplace.

Our programs cover a spectrum of critical sales skills, from effective prospecting and negotiation to relationship building and customer-centric selling. Our approach goes beyond traditional sales training, focusing on creating a customer-centric culture within organizations.